1How do I know if I will get an allergy to a temporary tattoo?
You must check your skin condition with a doctor before you apply a fake or temp tattoo. If you have any uncomfortableness, irritation, allergy to the fake tattoo remove it immediately. You agree that the organizer will not be held accountable for any adverse effect of a fake tattoo to you. Each person attending must willingly sign an Indemnity Form
2What time is the event?
9am to 9pm.
3Will there be drinks or snacks for sale in the event?
Yes there will be available for purchase.
5Can I purchase on the day?
You must register online first. You may be able to purchase certain items on the day at the event. Only certain packages will be available for purchase on the day.
6Can I switch to another pack?
Exchange for something else. You can only switch packages within 14 days of purchase. If you switch to a higher cost item, you need to pay the difference. If you switch to a lower cost item, you will still pay the higher cost of the 2 items, as there are no refunds.
7Can I give to other person?
Yes, you can, But they must email us and sign the Indemnity Form.
No refunds.